Classic Boat


Classic Boat provides complete vessel re-construction.  "Reward" a 1969 Cal 34 suffered from a rotted ply-wood core on the entire deck.  70% of her core has been replaced.  The deck laminate and rotted core removed and replaced with 1/2 inch closed cell foam. Multiple layers of glass applied consisting of two matt, five 1708 followed by two layers of matt and faired.  Several coats of epoxy primer applied and sanded for paint.  "Reward is now undergoing a complete gel plane of her bottom.  Several hundred blisters on port and starboard side of boat weeping water.  Once gel and multiple layers of laminate are removed she will be dried out for several weeks.  Once moisture is gone bottom will be glassed up, faired in, five coats of inter-protect and bottom painted.  Updates will follow in the next few weeks.
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